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Some great things about Nigerian milkers ...
1) Their size makes them economical and easy to keep -- probably cheaper per pound of milk than a very large standard doe
2) Their high butterfat production gives a much higher cheese yield per pound of milk than the average butterfat of a standard doe
3) They're just so darn cute!


2009:(Snap) 1 doe kid
2010: (Snap)1 doe, 1 buck
2011: (Bazinga) 2 does, 2 bucks
2012: (Doenut) 1 doe, 2 bucks
2013: (Snap) 2 bucks, 1 doe

Blythmoor's Spice 2*M
March 19, 2008
2012 LA: VEEE 90


Sire: Promised Land COM WarHawk *S
SS: PromisedLand CP Commanche *S VG
SD: MCH Gay-Mor's Nightowl 2*D

Dam: Blythmoor's Winning Colors *M
SS: Flat Rock's Diamond in the Rough
SD: Camanna AL Hope's Gabrielle

Extended Pedigree

Spice just keeps getting better! She has a nice escutcheon and her udder is beautiful. Decent teat placement, good rear attachments.

2010 Linn County Fair BEST UDDER IN BREED!
2011 Benton County Fair - Reserve GRCH
2012 - Best Dam/Daughter and Dam of Best Produce of Dam entry
2013 - Best Dam/Daughter and Dam of Best Produce of Dam at Linn and Benton Fairs


This was such a nice kidding when Spice was born. Sister Sugar, who has only dam raised kids and not been bred consistently, LA'd 88. Sister Tory, also dam raising kids and missing some breedings, LA'd 87. Sugar earned her milk star in 2012 and Tory earned her milk star in 2013. Both only on test the one year. Thanks to their owners for letting me have them back for a lactation.




2012: (Mr. Incredible) 4 bucks
2013: (Palimony) 1 doe; 1 buck




SG Pholia Farm KM Frolic 3*M
March 16, 2006
21 1/2"

LA 2012: EEEV 91



Sire: Kaapio AcresRB Moonstruck ++B
Dam: QSF Here's A Riddle 2*D AR 2*M


I am pleased to have Frolic in my herd. In 2008, as a 2 year old, Frolic was milked through for 678 days! She is a lovely doe who excells both in appearance and in the milk barn.

Frolic had a lopsided udder 2012 when her quads all nursed one side (my bad for not catching it), but 2013 was much better. Need to get some new pictures. Frolic has one of the nicest heads in my herd and this shot doesn't show it.

2013: Reserve Grand CH at both Benton and Linn County Fairs


2011: 1 buck
2012: (Quantum Leap) 4 does
2013: (Palimony) 3 does; 1 buck


SGCH Blythmoor SS Samse 3*M
March 19, 2010
LA 2012: V E + V 89
20 1/4" (official)

Sire: GrCH Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B (LA88)

Dam: Blythmoor HW Spice 2*M (LA 90)

Extended Pedigree

2 x GrCH and BOB (over a permanent CH) at NWODGA shows 6/2/12
1 x Reserve GrCH at Linn County Fair, July,2012
1 x Reserve GrCh at SWWDGA show, May, 2013
2 x GrCH, BOB and Best Udder (over 5 Champions) at ISDGA, 5/2013
BOB and Best Udder of Breed - NWODGA, 6/2013

Samse has developed into a beautiful doe. Would like better teat placement, but udder is lovely. Good width to the rear udder, good medial and attachments. She injured a leg this year (2013) so was not appraised.





GCH Blythmoor HM Almond Joy 3*M
March 25, 2008
LA: 90 2013

Sire: PromisedLand COM WarHawk
: Blythmoor Mulberry 2*M


Extended Pedigree

I am very pleased to have AJ back on my farm. Will update details on her soon, including picture.






2012: 1 buck kid (Doenut)
2013: 1 buck; 2 does (Palimony)

Blythmoor BZ Thyme Keeper 3*M

February 10, 2011

LA 2012: ++V+ 84
LA 2013: V++V 85

Sire: Pecan Hollow Bazinga (LA 87)
Dam: Blythmoor Spice 2*M (LA 90)


Reserve JrCH at Linn County Fair 7/11/11
Reserve JrCH at Benton County Fair 8/6/11

This young doe has it all. Lovely, long, level, and an eschutcheon that promises good things for the future -- nice, wide and teats very plumb.

Thyme freshened in 2013 with a nice correct udder. Very high, nice medial. Looking very good. I believe this little doe will just keep getting better and will mature more slowly, like her sire. The top picture is of her pregnant and hairy waiting for 2014 kids.




This picture is Pattie's udder as a kid.

2012: 1 buck; 1 doe
2013: (Palimony) 2 does; 1 buck


SG Blythmoor Peppermint Pattie 4*M

February 7, 2011

LA 2012 : +V+V 85
LA 2013: +VVV 86

Sire: Pholia Farm DeMand
GCH Blythmoor Almond Joy 3*M (LA 90)

Another nice level doe with lots of optical illusions for picture taking. Very nice teat size and placement even as a youngster.

Her udder is high and tight. Just love it. Overall very pleased with this doe.

Even more pleased that Pattie earned her Superior Genetics designation late 2012.




2014 pregnant and not trimmed

Baby picture



Blythmoor DS Scotch Bonnet
March 13, 2012


Sire: GCH Pholia Farm CF Doenut *B -- LA 88
Dam: Blythmoor HW Spice 2*M -- LA 90


Spice does not disappoint with this latest kid. She produces no matter who she is bred to, and Doenut certainly added his touch with that nice long body.

Kidded 4/13/13. Nothing available




2013: 1 buck; 1 doe (Palimony)


Blythmoor QS Zenyatta 4*M

April 4, 2012

Sire: Blythmoor Quantum Leap
Dam: GCH Blythmoor SS Samse 3*M -- LA 89


Love this little doe. She was one of three lovely doe kids out of Samse, and definitely one of my favorites.

She has a lovely first udder with nice teat placement and great attachments.





Blythmoor TG Anne Bonny

(For sale after 2014 kidding)


Sire: Blythmoor Tanqueray - LA 88
Dam: Blythmoor Grace O'Malley 4*M (polled)


This little pirate woman had not been clipped and had a bit of a "hackle" going on. She is showing lots of promise.

She was bred to Chipotle for February 2014 kids.





Blythmoor Creme Brulee
April 28, 2012

Sire: Blythmoor Tanqueray (LA 88)
Dam: Diji Farm Creamsicle 4*M (LA84)


Brulee as a baby. She's a pretty yearling now and I look forward to seeing her kids in spring 2014..




Blythmoor Azeri
Blythmoor Shenanigans

Sisters born Feb. 7, 2013

Sire: SGCH Buttin' Heads Palimony ++B
Dam: GCH Blythmoor Samse 4*D

Extended Pedigree


This is Azeri. Shenanigans is a lovely little buckskin. Both are bred for 2014 kids.





Blythmoor Jelly Bean

Feb. 8, 2013

Sire: SGCH Buttin' Heads Palimony
Dam: SG Blythmoor Peppermint Pattie 2*M


This lovely little doe is bred for spring 2014 kids.





Member of:
American Dairy Goat Association
NW Oregon Dairy Goat Association
American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association (Western Director)

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