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Some great things about Nigerian milkers ...
1) Their size makes them economical and easy to keep -- probably cheaper per pound of milk than a very large standard doe
2) Their high butterfat production gives a much higher cheese yield per pound of milk than the average butterfat of a standard doe
3) They're just so darn cute!


2009:(Snap) 1 doe kid
2010: (Snap)1 doe, 1 buck (GCH Blythmoor Samse 3*M LA 88)
2011: (Bazinga) 2 does, 2 bucks (Blythmoor Masala 3*M LA 86)
2012: (Doenut) 1 doe, 2 bucks (Blythmoor Scotch Bonnet 3*M LA 82)
2013: (Snap) 2 bucks, 1 doe (Blythmoor Allspice)

2015: (Dandy) 2B; 1 doe

Blythmoor's Spice 2*M
March 19, 2008
2015 LA: VEEV 90


Sire: Promised Land COM WarHawk *S

Dam: Blythmoor's Winning Colors *M

Extended Pedigree

Spice just keeps getting better! She has a nice escutcheon and her udder is beautiful. Goodt teat placement, good rear attachments.

2010 Linn County Fair BEST UDDER IN BREED!
2011 Benton County Fair - Reserve GRCH
2012 - Best Dam/Daughter and Dam of Best Produce of Dam entry
2013 - Best Dam/Daughter and Dam of Best Produce of Dam at Linn and Benton Fairs

2015: 2 x GrCH and 1 BOB at NWODGA, June, 2015
6th Place in her class at ADGA National Show

Reserve Grand at Clackamas County Fair with a large entry
First in her class at Oregon State Fair and Reserve Grand!


This was such a nice kidding when Spice was born. Sister Sugar, who has only dam raised kids and not been bred consistently, LA'd 88. Sister Tory, also dam raising kids and missing some breedings, LA'd 87. Sugar earned her milk star in 2012 and Tory earned her milk star in 2013. Both only on test the one year. Thanks to their owners for letting me have them back for a lactation.




I love her daughter, Shenanigans, who is at Gladdie Acres. Shenanigan's duaghter, Ainsley, recently joined the Blythmoor herd.


2011: 1 buck
2012: (Quantum Leap) 4 does
2013: (Palimony) 3 does; 1 buck
2014: (Fizz) 2 Does, 1 buck
2015: (Hawthorne) quad bucks


SGCH Blythmoor SS Samse 3*M
March 19, 2010
LA 2012: V E + V 89
20 1/4" (official)

Sire: GrCH Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B (LA88) (2015 Elite Sire)

Dam: Blythmoor HW Spice 2*M (LA 90)

Extended Pedigree

2 x GrCH and BOB (over a permanent CH) at NWODGA shows 6/2/12
1 x Reserve GrCH at Linn County Fair, July,2012
1 x Reserve GrCh at SWWDGA show, May, 2013
2 x GrCH, BOB and Best Udder (over 5 Champions) at ISDGA, 5/2013
BOB and Best Udder of Breed - NWODGA, 6/2013

BOB x 2 at NWODGA, 6/2015
Best in Show - Benton County Fair, 7/2015

Samse has developed into a beautiful doe. Would like better teat placement, but udder is lovely. Good width to the rear udder, good medial and attachments.





Kidding History:
2011: 2 does - Pholia Farm Demand
2013: 2D 1B - Palimony
2014: 3 D - Blythmoor Chipotle
2015: 2B 1D - Diji Farm Gunslinger

SGCH Blythmoor HM Almond Joy 3*M
March 25, 2008
LA: 90 2013

Sire: PromisedLand COM WarHawk
: SG Blythmoor Mulberry 2*M


Extended Pedigree

AJ also has a Superior Genetics daughter (Peppermint Pattie).

2014: BIS at Benton County Fair, Corvallis OR

2015 - AJ took the year off. Milked well and just relaxed. I did take her out for Oregon State Fair and she was second in a large CC class.






Kidding History:

2015: 2D 1B - Dandy

Blythmoor Masala
March 25, 2008

Sire: Pecan Hollow ZC Bazinga (VEE 90)
Dam: Blythmoor HW Spice (VEEV90)


Extended Pedigree

Masala is back to stay. She kidded easily this spring, but is a bit off her game. Will be shown sparingly this year and bred for early 2016 kids.








2013: Bonnet had one very large kid, delivered by c-section
2014: 1B 1D (Ginn Fizz)



Blythmoor DS Scotch Bonnet 3*M
March 13, 2012


Sire: GCH Pholia Farm CF Doenut *B -- LA 88
Dam: Blythmoor HW Spice 2*M -- LA 90


This is a very correct little doe. You don't have to touch her to get her to stand correctly. She's quite small and I am sure when she matures, she'll be even more stunning. She needs some depth to her body, and that will come. After a disastrous kidding in 2013, she had no problems in 2014 and delivered 2 nice kids without assistance. She is one of my favorites.






2013: 1 buck; 1 doe (Palimony)
2014: 1 buck; 1 doe (Chipotle)



Blythmoor QS Zenyatta 4*M

April 4, 2012
2015 +VEE LA 88

Sire: Blythmoor Quantum Leap
Dam: SGCH Blythmoor SS Samse 3*M -- LA 89


Very refined young doe. Long, level, with a nice udder. Reminds me a lot of her dam, Samse. Appraised 88 even though she had a slight case of mastitis that reduced her milk production.




Tx TwinCreeks Bella G Notte

August 23, 2011

2015 LA: VEEV 90

Sire: Piddlin Acres BD Ginseng
Dam: TX TwinCreeks E Oasis


I am extremely pleased to have added this young doe to my herd in 2014.. Her son (Notte Boy, sired by Buttin Heads Containerized) is at Elfin Acres, and will be visiting some Blythmoor does this fall.

When I first got her, in 2014, despite having raised kids and not being milked for 90+ days post kidding, she kept producing.

Bella freshened beautifully in 2015 with a buck and a doe kid. Her udder is well attached, capacious and easy to milk. She make the cut in a very large class at the 2015 National show.

Her son by Buttin Heads Containerizes, TNR Notte Boy, will be breeding does at Blythmoor this year.




2015: 1 doe; 1 buck


Blythmoor TG Anne Bonny

May 5, 2012
LA 2014: VVE+ 87

Sire: Blythmoor SD Tanqueray
Dam: Blythmoor ST Grace O'Malley (polled)

I am extremely pleased to have this doe back. She was sold last year as a first freshener to a non-DHI herd so didn't get her milk star. This year, she kidded late June, so missed appraisal.

I am hoping to keep her in milk long enough for her star -- drying most of the herd off early due to travel plans.. She is producing extremely well. This picture is after milking. She has a lovely udder, great foreudder, nice teat placement. Milked about 4# on her first test -- still holding back some milk from nursing kids.







3/13/2015: 1D; 1B - Dandy


Blythmoor Stella

Feb. 11, 2014

Sire: Blythmoor Gin Fizz
Dam: SGCH Blythmoor SS Samse 3*M

One of my favorite does . She's linebred on Spice.

Kidded easily with twins for her first kidding.






2015: 3 does; 1 buck - Dandy



Blythmoor Allspice
February 9, 2013
LA ++VV 86


Sire: GCH Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B (Elite Sire 2015)
Dam: Blythmoor HW Spice 2*M

This is Snap's last doe kid. She is one of my favorites. She is a full sister to SGCH Blythmoor Samse 3*M.

Allspice kidded with quads! 3 does and a buck. Freshened with a great udder, nice attachments, great teat size, easy to milk.

2014: Best Junior Doe in Show at Linn County Fair




2015: twin bucks - Hawthorne



Blythmoor Poppy
Feb. 11, 2014


Sire: Blythmoor Gin Fizz
Dam: Blythmoor Thyme Keeper 3*M


Poppy kidded with twin bucks. Freshened with a very nice udder, nice attachments, good teat size, good medial, easy to milk.

Poppy will be bred to her grandfather (Pecan Hollow Bazinga) for 2016 kids.

She's such a little doe. But I decided to take her out to Oregon State Fair (2015). She walked right to the top of a very large yearling milker class! Love this doe!










Gladdie Acres Ain'tMisbehavin

April 6, 2015

Sire: Gladdie Acres Smooth Criminal
Dam: Blythmoor Shenanigans


Extended Pedigree


Pleased to have this doe in my herd.






Member of:
American Dairy Goat Association
NW Oregon Dairy Goat Association
American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association (Western Director)

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