Blythmoor's Nigerian Dwarf Goats


These are does that either figure in our pedigrees or have gone to another farm.



Blythmoor Azeri 5*M

Feb. 7, 2013


Sire: SGCH Buttin' Heads Palimony ++B
Dam: SGCH Blythmoor Samse 4*M

Extended Pedigree

Somewhat small yearling FF, this is a doe that is nicer than her picture. She held her milk really well throughout the year and is maturing nicely.







2014: 1 doe kid
2015: 2 doe kids (Gunslinger)



Blythmoor Jelly Bean

Feb. 8, 2013

Sire: SGCH Buttin' Heads Palimony
Dam: SG Blythmoor Peppermint Pattie 2*M


Jelly has been a bit of a slow started. But she kidded this year with two lovely, nice sized doe kids. Very easy kidding.







Blythmoor SA Ziva 4*M

April 10, 2009


Sire: GrCH Mystic Acres Snapdragon
Dam: SGCH Blythmoor HM Almond Joy 3*M


Ziva has certainly NOT lead a charmed life. She's had some good kiddings, and some bad. Because of this, she doesn't have a current appraisal and her milk records are old. She has amazing width in her rear, nice front structure. She is a little "cobbier" than I like and has quite the wide belly.

Bred to Blythmoor John Henry and had two doe kids March. While it was not a hard kidding, it was not quite textbook either and it's just not worth the risk to Ziva to keep breeding her. I've decide to sell Ziva. She needs a retirement home where she will not be bred. She's very friendly.

Thanks to Rainey Valley Farm for breeding Ziva when she was there (and taking good care of her through a difficult kidding). She had a lovely daughter who now resides at Amira Farms. Rainey Valley Princess Ella looks a lot like Ziva with the added refinement that was needed. Look at that lovely topline! Ziva came back here last summer, and I had hoped for a better kidding. .Ziva is retired but will have some lovely daughters to carry on.






2012: 1 buck; 1 doe
2013: (Palimony) 2 does; 1 buck
2014: (Chipotle) 3 bucks


SG Blythmoor Peppermint Pattie 4*M

February 7, 2011
LA 2013: +VVV 86


Sire: Pholia Farm DeMand
SGCH Blythmoor Almond Joy 3*M (LA 90)

Another nice level doe with lots of optical illusions for picture taking. Very nice teat size and placement even as a youngster.

Her udder is high and tight. Just love it. Overall very pleased with this doe.

Even more pleased that Pattie earned her Superior Genetics designation late 2012 making her the third generation of does with SG.

2014: Reserve GrCh to her dam (Almond Joy, who went on the BIS) at Benton County Fair



2012: (Mr. Incredible) 4 bucks
2013: (Palimony) 1 doe; 1 buck
2014: (Candy Man) 2 does




SG Pholia Farm KM Frolic 3*M
March 16, 2006
21 1/2"

LA 2012: EEEV 91



Sire: Kaapio AcresRB Moonstruck ++B
Dam: QSF Here's A Riddle 2*D AR 2*M


I am pleased to have Frolic in my herd. In 2008, as a 2 year old, Frolic was milked through for 678 days! She is a lovely doe who excells both in appearance and in the milk barn.

Frolic has one of the nicest heads in my herd and this shot doesn't show it.

She aborted in November, 2013, and kidded with twin does in June, 2014. Both does retained.

2013: Reserve Grand CH at both Benton and Linn County Fairs
2014: Grand CH and Best Senior Doe in Show, Linn County Fair


Kidding: 2011 - 1 buck kid
2012: 1 doe; 1 buck

2013: (Palimony) 1 buck; 3 does

Blythmoor Grace O'Malley 4*M


2012 LA: VVV+ 86

19 3/4" (official)

SOLD -- Gracie now resides at Gladdie Acres with my friend Miranda Mathae

Sire: GrCH Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B (LA 88)
Dam: Tx Twincreeks PKM Tiramisu (LA 89)

Grace freshened very nicely in 2012 with quads. She looks better every year. .




Tiramisu is maturing nicely.


2010 (Snap): 2 does
2011(Bazinga): 1 buck
2012 (Quantum Leap): 2 bucks

In 2009, Misu's dam, Sarafina, finished her CH in both AGS and ADGA with an ADGA BIS. She got her one day star in both AGS and ADGA by milking over 5#.


TX TwinCreeks PKM Tiramisu 3*M
August 29, 2008
Polled - 21"
2012 LA: VEEV 89


Sire: Piddlin Acres PV Pokeman *S

Dam: GrCH TX Twin Creeks Sarafina 5*D 2*M (polled) LA 92

Tiramisu's udder is lovely. It's buttery soft and the teats are large and milkable. She easily qualified for her milk star on her first freshening and has no trouble milking a full lactation.

While Tiramisu is gone to another farm, her daughter Grace O'Malley carries on here at Blythmoor.

RCH at Linn County Fair, Albany, Oregon 2010
GrCH at Linn County Fair, 2011


; ;




Mulberry is a bit wild and would not stand for udder pictures.

Kidding History:
2008 (Hawk): 2 does
2009 (Snap): 2 bucks, 1 doe (dec'd)

2010: 2 does, 2 bucks

Blythmoor CW Mulberry 2*M

December 1, 2006
LA 2009: V V V + 85
2010 ANDDA Bronze JUJU Award Winner

Sire: Camanna ZH PT Cruiser
Dam: Blythmoor Winning Colors

I'd like a stronger topline on this doe, but she is very sound on feet and legs. She has good body capacity and is a refined doe. I would like better rear udder attachment, but her udder milks down easily. Mulberry is milking above average for her size and age and she does maintain a lactation. She has truly blossomed on this third freshening.

I am particularly pleased with her 2008 daughter, Almond Joy. AJ's daughter, Ziva continues a line of very good does.


Official Milk Test


Days in milk

total #  Milk total # of Butterfat average % Butterfat total # of Protein  average % Protein average daily milk


430 27 6.3% 19 4.4% 1.83
2-04 304 570 39 6.9 24 4.25 1.88
3-03 101 320 24 7.55 13 4.1 3.2

Kidding History:

2006: 1 buck
2007: 3 does; 1 buck
2008: 3 does


Blythmoor's Winning Colors *M
June 7, 2005


dec'd March 2008

Because three of Winnie's 5 living daughters have earned their milk stars: Sugar, Spice, and Mulberry -- Now Winnie also has a star and the count bumps up for her daughters and granddaughters. . Holly and Tory are back at Blythmoor and we hope to get their stars next year (2013)

Sire: Flat Rocks Diamond in the Rough
SS:Flat Rocks Gem
SD: Flat Rocks Fortunes Favorite

Dam:Camanna AL Hope's Gabrielle
DS: Twin Creek's BT As You Like It
DD:Wildwood TR Faith's Hope


Winnie kidded early 2006, and even earlier the next year (Dec. 1, 2007). She was a beautiful young doe that was a master at weasling in with a buck.

She was an easy milker and had teats that you can get a hand on. She had a nice medial and a nicely textured udder that milked down well. At State Fair, 270+ days in milk, she was still milking and managed to place 5th in a class of 12 two year olds and second in Produce of Dam (8 entries).

Winnie was bred to PromisedLand COM WarHawk *S . and kidded with triplet does on March 19, 2008. Unfortunately, she died the following day due to complications. She will be missed.