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BUCKS for Sale

I have two top quality bucks for sale. $300 each These are nice bucks and I hate to part with them, but I don't need four bucks for 7 does.

Blythmoor Hanky Panky (Pedigree)
Hank is almost 3 years old. He is out of my foundation doe SGCH Blythmoor HW Spice, who has produced top quality all the way around (CH and SG Daughters).

Gladdie Acres Gold Rush (Pedigree)

This is an exceptionally nice buck out of Blythmoor's Grace O'Malley (Polled) and GCH Copper Penny Money to Burn. Both have produced exceptional offspring.



If you are a first time goat buyer, please remember that goats are herd animals and do not do well as a solitary animal. If you do not have other goats, or other companion animals to live with your goat, you should purchase two. If you purchase a doe or buck and need a companion goat, you pay a much reduced price for a companion wether.

All of my Nigerians are ADGA registered only. ADGA offers the most in terms of genetic tracking, and shows available in the Pacific Northwest.

All goats are guaranteed healthy when they leave my farm -- and you should be happy with their condition when you pick them up. If you have any questions, please ask, and delay the purchase if you are at all uncomfortable about it. Once they leave the farm, sales are final and no further guarantee is given or implied.





I have a waiting list for unborn kids. "Reservations" may be made on a specific breeding or for any breeding, first available kid (choice of gender). I will make every effort to fill reservations. Contact me if you would like to reserve a kid.

As soon as a doe has kidded, I will notify the people who are waiting and a $75 deposit is required to reserve a kid and is payable immediately. At that point, we will work out a schedule for picking up the kid. These will be bottle babies, so if you have the resources, they can be picked up fairly early. If you do not have the means to bottle feed, I will hold the babies for 8 weeks and wean them at that time.

If you are purchasing an adult, the deposit is half the purchase price and the animal must be picked up within 2 weeks unless other specific arrangements are made..

Deposits will not be refunded if the kid is available, but you change your mind, or if you fail to pick up your kid as agreed.


Transportation is the cost and responsibility of the buyer.

NOTE: All goats sold must be picked up in reasonable time. Generally, you must pick up your goats within two weeks of purchase if they are old enough to leave. Kids are bottle fed and ready to go at 4-5 weeks IF you can bottle feed. If not, they'll be weaned at about 8 weeks.
If you cannot pick up your purchased animal in an agreed upon time frame, you may be charged $2 per day per animal.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call me at:
(971)218-0064 or email at
Email is the best way to connect with me.


Payments of both deposits and purchase prices may be made online through PayPal